MrBeast Files Suit Against MrBeast Burger Food Delivery Service For "Low Quality" And "Inedible" Food

By on August 2, 2023 in ArticlesCelebrity News

If you've spent any time on food delivery apps in the last year, you might have seen listings for restaurants selling food under the banner of MrBeast, the YouTube moniker of entertainer Jimmy Donaldson. As it turns out, not all the food being delivered under the MrBeast name is up to MrBeast's standards, as Bloomberg reports he's filed a new lawsuit against his partner in the enterprise Virtual Dining Concepts, trying to get out of their contract and citing their "low quality" and sometimes even "inedible" food.

MrBeast branded burgers and fries began showing up on food delivery apps and the MrBeastBurger site in December of 2020, with the following goal, stated in the recently filed lawsuit: "relying entirely on the strength of MrBeast's brand, the business would create a virtual restaurant with a selection of MrBeast-branded food items, but would then partner with existing restaurants who would prepare those items and share in a significant portion of the revenue from their sales."

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But, the suit says, VDC quickly came up short when it came to delivering satisfying meals to hungry MrBeast fans:

"Virtual Dining Concepts was more focused on rapidly expanding the business as a way to pitch the virtual restaurant model to other celebrities for its own benefit, it was not focused on controlling the quality of the MrBeast Burger customer experience and products."

The lawsuit says that MrBeast Burgers were often "delivered late, in unbranded packaging, fail to include the ordered items, and in some instances, were inedible," and it includes thousands of screenshots of online reactions from dissatisfied customers illustrating this. The complaint goes on:

"Customers have referred to the burgers as being 'disgusting,' 'revolting,' and 'inedible.' They have claimed that 'it is sad that MrBeast would put his name on this,' 'MrBeast is being cancelled over burgers;' 'never had something so nasty;' 'inaccurate marketing;' 'Orlando's worst burger;' 'big name, poor food;' 'very upsetting for the high price;' and 'likely the worst burger I have ever had.'"

The suit also claims that MrBeast himself has not made any money from the "millions of dollars" in revenue generated by the partnership.

The MrBeast brand and likeness, as of this writing, still appears on the website for Virtual Dining Concepts, which hasn't yet responded to the lawsuit.

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