Is Conventional Dietary Advice Wrong?

In the past few decades, we have been told by the nutritional establishment to eat more carbohydrates and less fats. The FDA has the designed the “food pyramid” that recommends a diet that is low in meat, fish and poultry, and high in breads and cereals. 

Following the government’s advice, fat consumption has gone down by 17.5%! Are we any healthier? The surprising answer is NO! 

More people are overweight than ever before. A third of Americans are now obese, which is up from one quarter just ten years ago. Young adults are on average 10 pounds heavier. More people are dying from heart disease than ever before. Heart disease is the biggest killer in America, killing on average 1 person every 64 seconds. Cancer is on the rise with more people getting cancer than ever before. Breast cancer is up over 60%, colon cancer is up 60% and prostate cancer is up over 100%. Lung cancer is up an amazing 262%! Unfortunately, the chances of surviving these diseases in no better than they were over a decade ago. 

Even stranger is new health problems that seemed to have begun to appear out of nowhere. Some of these include food sensitivities, chronic fatigue, candida, and much more. Because these diseases are related to what people eat, where they live and what they do they are referred to as ” lifestyle diseases.”  What is interesting is that prior to the 20th century people in America rarely got these diseases. In other cultures, these diseases don’t exist at all. The truth is that these conditions can be traced directly to our lifestyle and modern diet. 

The Cause of Modern Illnesses 

In cultures where obesity, cancer and heart disease are virtually nonexistent, the factor that they all have in common is their eating habits. A diet of fowl, fish and large amounts of meat and virtually no refined carbohydrates seem to be the common link. In those cultures where the diet has changed in the past few decades these diseases are increasing dramatically. Previously, the Yemenite Jews and the people of Iceland, ate very little starches or sugars and had no cases of arteriosclerosis or diabetes. Today their rate of these illnesses is the same as those of the US. 

The truth is that our bodies were not meant to eat cereals, breads, and refined carbohydrates. We should be eating fruits, nuts, berries and vegetables as well as poultry meats and fish. These are the foods that have been eaten for thousands of years. It is no wonder our systems go haywire when we ingest these foods. 

Why Eating Carbohydrates Can Make You Fat 

To your body the chemical makeup of pastas, breads, and starches is not different (chemically) than pure sugar. Unlike fruits and vegetables, which our bodies metabolize slowly, refined carbohydrate such as pastas give a rush of sugar into the bloodstream. When this happens, your pancreas produces more of the hormone insulin. This is used to convert the excess sugar into glycogen and from that into fat for storage. 

But eating refined carbohydrates is not the only problem. When insulin stores sugar as fat, it stores it in the form of triglycerides–which just happen to be one of the biggest causes of heart disease. So now the real problem starts. As you eat more carbohydrates, your pancreas makes more insulin and a vicious cycle begins again. This roller-coaster causes serious problems with your bodies energy systems.  If you are suffering from chronic fatigue or sometimes you experience “brain fog”, there is a good chance it is caused by too much sugars and starches in your diet. If this condition is left unchecked, it can lead to a serious condition termed “insulin resistance.” With insulin resistance, your body stops responding normally to insulin amounts. Your pancreas beings producing more insulin until it becomes exhausted until it can no longer function properly, the extreme results being diabetes. 

Sugar and Your Immune System 

From here the news gets worse! It has been known for a long time that sugar weakens the immune system. It also increases free radicals, and creates an ideal environment for pathogens, including yeast infections (Candida), E. coli… and the list goes on. Otto Warburg, a Nobel-prize-winning scientist has shown that cancer cells feed on sugar. He also showed that sugar also weakens the capillary wall.  When your capillary walls are weak the body must create new ones. This cycle provides a vehicle for cancers to start and spread to various parts of your system. What does all this mean?  It means that to achieve the healthy bodies we are seeking one of the best things we can do is to cut down on starches and sugars in our diet. But is reducing the amount of intake of these things in your diet enough? 

What Your Body Really Needs 

Another essential part of a healthy nutritional program is to add vitamins minerals and other food supplements to your diet. Many people assume they can get all the nutrition from eating proper foods. Some so-called experts have suggested that supplements are not necessary if you follow proper eating habits. Perhaps this was sound advice at one time, but our food supplies have changed drastically in the past few decades. Much of our food is now grown in nutrient depleted soil because of over-farming and the use of artificial fertilizers. Previously farmers used biologically active composting techniques to provide the essential nutrients that plants need for proper growth. The result has been to weaken the plants immune system and decrease the nutritional value of the plant. This has also created a situation which makes the plants more susceptible to disease and pests resulting in the increased use of pesticides. 

Pesticides have been implicated in cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and many other diseases. Another important factor is how the produce is harvested. In times past much of the food was home grown and harvested when it was ripe. Now most commercial produce is harvested while it is green and treated with sulfites to help it ripen by the time it reaches the supermarket shelves.  This severely effects the nutritional content of the fruits and vegetables. 

How Processed Foods Rob Your Body 

Besides eating food that provides your system with empty calories, refined foods can deplete your system of vital nutrients! It works like this: There are certain amounts of vitamins and minerals your body needs to metabolize the food you eat. If the food you are ingesting is lacking those essential vitamins and minerals, your body must find another source for them. Where does it find this source? From its own internal stores! It is interesting that all-natural foods have the essential nutrients required for its digestion and absorption. But through the modern growing and refining processes many of our foods are now lacking these vital nutrients. 

The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that over 90% of Americans have a chromium deficiency. This is the mineral your body relies on most to metabolize carbohydrates. The food and drug administration have not made a distinction between eating whole grains and refined flours. (Which nutritionally, are a disaster) The result is that most people are eating more processed carbohydrates like, white bread, crackers, and pasta that is severely affecting their health.  So, what is the answer to this serious problem? 

The answer is to get proper nutrition. Let’s face it, you can’t really expect the government to look out for you, so you will have to look out for yourself. What is the best way to accomplish this if you can’t get it from the foods you eat?  The best way is through nutritional supplements. What supplements you need depends on what your body needs most. For this reason, we have provided a basic chart that describes what each vitamin and mineral does for your body. What symptoms you might experience if you are lacking in any area, and what that supplement needs to be combined with to make it most effective for optimum absorption into your system.