Vegetarian-For-A-Week: Tips And Meals

If you are not quite ready to fully give up meat tomorrow, the next day, or anytime soon, this post is for you! Eating meat-free can be creative and energizing… with the right tools. It is difficult (and scary) to envision a whole lifestyle shift without proper preparation and some basic knowledge. Use these tips and meals to try out vegetarianism for a week, and, after you’re done, I bet eating less meat will be easier than ever! 

Tips And Tricks 

This week is going to take a little bit of work beforehand. Schedule out a time when you can put some thought into how the week will look, feel, and taste. 

  • Write out why you are trying out a veggie-based diet. Make a list of any reasons why this seems like a good idea. Maybe your health will improve. Maybe you want to help out the environment, shave off some meal-prep time in the evening, or switch up your protein sources. This practice will help keep you focused throughout the week.
  • Create a meal plan. I’ve included some meal ideas and recipe links down below to help this part of the process.
  • If those links do not seem enticing, I urge you to find recipes on your own. This is actually incredibly fun. There are tons of amazing vegetarian resources at our fingertips.
  • Get comfortable buying and cooking vegetarian protein sources like tofu, seitan, tempeh, beans, lentils, eggs, and nutritional yeast. This list is not exhaustive. Try a few and figure out which ones work for you.

Amazing, Beginner-Level Vegetarian Meals

An extra tip for you: do not try to recreate your favorite meat-heavy meals using fake meat just yet. Trust me when I say vegetarian poutine or a vegetarian fried “chicken” sandwich will be more enticing once you have been eating veggie-friendly for a little while. That being said, use this introductory week as a time to center delicious, veggie-heavy meals that won’t leave you missing meat. 

Here are some of my favorites:

  • This quinoa salad with black beans, corn, and avocado is a colorful masterpiece. Incredibly simple and full of flavor. 
  • A stir fry that highlights tofu’s amazing baked texture and ability to hold flavor. Never underestimate the power of a stir fry!
  • White bean soup is perfect for chilly nights and super cheap to make. The richness of this dish will leave you wanting more. 
  • Bonus point! Check out this vegan lemon cake for dessert. 

This week of vegetarian eating will be a breeze with a little bit of planning and some amazing recipes. Best of luck!